Operation Detachment

A few years ago I inherited a shoebox full of war pictures and letters from my grandfather who was an American military photographer during the Second World War on Iwo Jima. These pictures started a journey for me. I saw with my own eyes the atrocities he had witnessed and realized how he always remained a veteran in his mentality and how this had trickled down in my upbringing. I projected the war pictures on ‘grandchildren of the war’ urging my generation to reflect on how this often unseen past has shaped them too.

Operation Detachment is the name of the military mission my grandfather documented on Iwo Jima, Japan, which was one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific war. As my generation is at a threshold of being detached from our history I found it’s title poignant. This series is a collaboration between me and my deceased grandfather. Some of them are never published before war pictures of Japan, while others are my portraits with the war pictures placed onto our bodies.


Operation Detachmentzoutpeper

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